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We offer a helping paw towards a positive relationship with your dog.  


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I’m a professional dog trainer located in Basingstoke Hampshire. I gained my qualifications from Will Atherton Canine Academy. 


My primary goal is to establish a positive and well-balanced relationship between dog owners and their pets. I put emphasis on educating owners to gain a better understanding of their dog's behaviour and mentality, which will help them coexist harmoniously. The term "animus" is a Latin word that can be translated as soul, mind, heart, purpose, or feeling. I chose this expression to remind myself of why I started this mission. My mission is to teach dog owners about how their pet's mind works and the reason behind their behaviour. We often assume that dogs think and feel the same way we do, but their thinking process is much simpler than ours, and we often complicate it with our human feelings. 

Once we work together and tackle the most significant challenges with your dog, you will be able to handle any situation with confidence. I have helped dogs with issues such as reactivity, anxiety, pulling, aggression, resource guarding, etc.



  • 1 year puppy program up to 6 months I can help you with the struggles of a new puppy

1 year programme for you and your new beloved puppy from the time you bring the puppy home until 1 year old, includes training, socialisation, house manner, obedience and more.

1 weekly visit for the first 4 weeks,2 visits in 2nd and 3rd month,1 visit monthly from 4-12months  price:£200

  • 1:1 Puppy training session £30/session    (60 min)


  • 1:1 Behaviour modification (pulling, reactivity, recall, excessive barking, separation anxiety, recall, resource guarding etc)               £40/session     (60 min)


  • Boarding £40/day

                                                                                                      Contact us to find out more



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