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12yrs Staffy x English bulldog

Reka has taught me so much about how I can support my Staffordshire x English Bull Terrier. Poppy was a rescue & came with a lot of history, which made her very reactive to dogs mostly. With Reka’s help, I have learnt strategies to increase engagement on the walk with Poppy & reduce fixation on dogs. Couldn’t recommended Reka enough! 

Sarah an Poppy



8mo Labradoodle

Reka has been helping us with our puppy Ossie for the last 4 months - since he was nearly 4 months old.  Most importantly for us Ossie clearly adores her.  As a first time dog owner I felt quite out of my depth so Reka has been training me as much as Ossie and since she has been helping us his walking on the lead has improved enormously, he is barking less, no longer picking up and eating everything he sees, and will leave, drop and ignore most of the time.  

Reka clearly knows what she is doing and loves dogs, we feel very lucky to have found her.

Hilary, Will & Ossie



3yrs Doberman x Alsatian

Reka has been absolutely amazing in helping my dog Hunter. We made progress i didn’t think would be possible, she worked very hard with Hunter, he was very stubborn and reluctant to listen but she showed us the progress possible with consistency. Hunt hasn’t finished his training journey but he’s doing very well thanks to all the hard work.

Chi and Hunt

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Apr 20, 2023

Reka has been amazing with my Buzz, who was have some issues with his behaviour on the lead. Reka explained why this was and immediately helped me to correct not only Buzz’s behaviour but, showed me what I can do as an owner to keep him listening. Reka has given me my confidence back and I cannot thank her enough!!

Thank you Reka ❤️


Apr 19, 2023

Kobe and I highly recommend Reka.

Kobe loves his training sessions and loves going to Reka's house.

I have had issues with Kobe and separation anxiety. Reka has helped me with crate training and getting him settled when I am not at home.

I was having sleepless nights as Kobe would not settle. However, this has been turned around thanks to the work Reka has done with Kobe and I.

I only trust leaving Kobe with Reka when I go away.

Reka comes with a lot of knowledge, expertise and advice. You can tell she loves what she does and that she is so in tuned with the dogs. Reka will often pick up all the signs that your dog is showing before it is obvious to you.

Thank you Reka ❤️


Apr 19, 2023

I cannot recommend Reka enough! Reka has been amazing with my new rescue puppy. Reka has done home visits and training with him outside of the home such a lead walking and meeting other dogs.

Reka has also taken him to the new forest to work on having him calm around horses.

Reka has shown me some skills and 'homework' that I can practice at home.

I also got photos and videos of the days out and training.

This has been an amazing help and has really helped with the adjustment of a new puppy in the family home.

I can honestly say that my puppy loves to be around Reka and loves his training sessions.

Thank you, Reka, for the help and support.


Apr 19, 2023

Reka has been a fantastic help with my Rottweiler, Fergie. I have always been anxious and cautious of leaving Fergie with anyone, but Reka put me at ease. When I have left Fergie with someone previously, she refused to eat and had separation anxiety, however, Reka had Fergie for a couple of nights as a trial before i went on holiday and there were no issues. Fergie was happy to go back to Reka and loves Reka.

I recently went on holiday and Reka had Fergie for the week, Reka worked on her lead walking and maintained her current training whilst I was away. I had daily updates and pictures sent to me and it was reassuring to see how happy Fergie was.

It is nice to see how excited Fergie gets when she sees Reka.

Thank you for all your help 😊


Apr 18, 2023


Reka has taught me so much about my dog Guy, who is 2 yrs old.

She has shown me how to handle different situations, and what daily routines should I follow to build a really good relationship with my pet friend.

I think Reka really knows what she is doing because things are working great with me and my furry friend.

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